Senior Career Development Consultant (CPCC, MEd, MS, BS & CGC)

As a senior career development consultant for K-12 students in the Sioux Falls region, Allison puts her whole heart into planning and executing experiences that help students learn more about themselves and where they might fit into the wide range of clinical and support roles. Allison believes all students should have access to opportunities, education, and training that adequately prepares them for meaningful work.

Allison has a bachelor’s degree in biology and secondary education and a master’s degree in educational leadership. She has over a decade of classroom experience, first teaching traditional high school courses like biology and AP Biology. Halfway through her teaching career, she began teaching biomedical science courses through Project Lead the Way (PLTW) at the Career and Technical Education Academy. In 2013, Allison was selected as Sioux Falls’ Teacher of the Year. Allison helped to launch one of South Dakota’s first EMT programs geared toward training up high school seniors.

Allison then switched out of the teacher role to become a genetic counselor. She earned a master’s degree in genetic counseling and practiced as a genetic counselor in various clinical settings for two years. She participated in research and led genetic education efforts geared toward providers, patients, and the public.

Allison loves connecting with students on their level, hearing their interests and passions, and working with her teammates in healthcare and career development to help students get off to a great start on their career journey. She can assist students with resume writing and scholarship applications and essays. Allison considers it a true honor to partner with teachers, counselors, and parents as we work together to meet the career development goals of local school districts and communities.

Inspirational Quote: The teacher is the first learner.

Strengths (GALLUP): Learner. Intellection. Input. Developer. Achiever.