Whether you’re an employee, child of an employee, past or present military member, a student, or community member, Sanford Health offers a variety of educational assistance, scholarships, and grant programs to help fund your educational journey.

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Sanford Health Scholarship Recipients

Thank you so much for making this scholarship possible. I cannot thank you enough for helping me reach my dreams and goals by providing this scholarship. It is truly an honor for me to win this scholarship in memory of Jeff. I have heard many stories from my coworkers and teachers about how great of a guy Jeff was. I have heard a lot about how passionate he was for his profession and teaching students. After hearing all these funny and awesome stories about him, I have always wanted to meet him, so for me to win this in memory of him is truly an honor.

Isaac Doll
Radiology Intern
Jeff Johnson Memorial Scholarship for Radiography

Thank you very much for the Mimi Diffley Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will greatly help with my schooling to become a co-occurring behavioral health provider - addressing mental health and substance use. These skills and knowledge will be essential in making me a better provider in serving the communities in Northern Minnesota. All your contributions are very much appreciated.

Mandy Goh
Behavioral Health Counselor
Mimi Diffley Memorial Employee Scholarship

It is an honor to be chosen for the Junge/Moller Nursing Endowment Fund Scholarship. As a full-time Sanford employee of almost 17 years and a full-time wife and mom of four boys, your financial support to continue chasing my dreams is appreciated beyond measure. The investment in my future goals of providing quality, safe, and efficient care for my patients and this organization will not be forgotten. Thank you again for the generous and thoughtful gift.

McCall Lutmer
RN Program Specialist
Junge/Moller Nursing Endowment Fund Scholarship

It is an honor to receive the Merrill and Elizabeth Koster Scholarship, which will help fund my education at North Dakota State University in Bismarck. I am very grateful for having you alongside me for this journey. Your support means the world to me.

I am currently a second-semester junior in the NDSU Nursing program. It has always been a dream of mine to become a nurse, just like my mother. Currently, I am working at two nursing homes located here in Bismarck, ND. After graduation, I plan on working at Sanford but am still undecided on which area interests me the most. I am truly grateful for your support. This will allow me to solely focus on my education and become the best nurse I can be.

Taylor Lujan
Community Member
Merrill and Elizabeth Koster Scholarship for Native American Nursing Education